Newborn Session Prep Guide

Congratulations on your new baby!  Thank you for entrusting me to capture these sweet but short moments of your newborn’s life.   It is truly an honor.

In order to maximize your gallery during our session, there are a few things that need to be done to ensure a happy and sleepy baby.


  • Try to keep baby awake if possible leading up to your session. I understand this may not be possible in transit to my home studio, in which case, please don’t fret.  I have children of my own and I am experienced in dealing with babies of all dispositions. J   In the event that baby just cannot be settled, we will reschedule for the next day and try again.
  • Please dress baby in a loose zip up sleeper and try not to fasten diapers too tightly. We don’t want to have marks distracting from your baby’s perfect newborn skin.
  • If you are breastfeeding, please feed baby as frequently as possible in the 12 hours leading up to your session. I will also have you feed baby right before we start so they are nice and full. If baby has shown to be sensitive to caffeine, I recommend avoiding it in the hours before your session.  However, if your baby does not seem to be affected by your consumption of caffeine, by all means…drink up!
  • If you are bottle feeding, please be sure to bring lots of extra formula/breastmilk so that you can feed your baby throughout your session. A full baby is a sleepy baby.
  • If possible, Please bring a pacifier.  This will only be used to help settle your baby to sleep.  We will never delay a feed or skip a feed with a pacifier, however, the suck reflex in a newborn is strong so often times a few moments with a pacifier is enough to get them nice and relaxed.
  • It will be very warm in my studio. Please dress yourself accordingly.  Layers are good.  Those postpartum hormones ensure you never know exactly what temperature is comfortable for you.  However, baby absolutely loves to be snug and toasty warm.
  • If you wish to be in the photos, I recommend making sure your nails are free from chipped polish and that you wear a light neutral colored top. Most parent photos are from the waist up, so if yoga pants are what make your heart sing, wear them without fear.  We will not photograph them!
  • Sibling shots are done first thing during the session. I recommend having someone available to take older siblings out for the remainder of the session, however, if that is not possible I do have plenty of activities for them, like crayons, puzzles, playdough, and movies.
  • I will provide a changing station for you for those frequent diaper changes and I have basic care items in the restroom for your own bathroom needs.
  • Water, coffee, and light snacks are provided for you.

My Studio is in my home. Please, make yourself comfortable. I am happy to have you!  🙂