Before Your Session

Preparing For Your Session


   – Wear solid colors that flatter your complexion.
– Avoid Black or White near the face.  It tends to wash out most people.
-Avoid loud patterns or conflicting patterns, i.e. two different plaids on children.
– Dress to fit your personality and the shoot location.  You don’t want to wear high heels if you’re shooting on the beach!
– If you are doing a boudoir session, I like to keep lingerie form fitting as opposed to flowy night gown types.  Avoid pointy toe shoes, as they elongate the foot in photos.  I love a fabulous peep toe.  Make sure hosiery is free of runs and snags.


    – If you are having your photos taken in studio with my studio lighting, you’ll want to use a slightly heavier hand to apply your makeup.

    – If you are having your photos taken outdoors in natural light, apply your makeup in natural light and avoid harsh and garish colors and lines.

*  Avoid any drastic changes to your appearance (cutting hair super short, dying it a color you aren’t used to, applying self tanner, chemical peels/waxing, etc)immediately prior to your session.

Newborn Session Clients:

  – I am more than happy to travel to you.  I know that most new moms don’t want to go ANYWHERE those first few days.  However, I also know that most new moms don’t want to worry about their house in those first few days, so I am always happy to have you in my home to shoot these precious moments.

 – Please feel free to relax and catch a catnap or (if we’re at your home) a shower or a meal you can eat with both hands.   I will handle your baby with the same care and caution in which I handle my own.

  – Please crank that heat!  Warm babies are sleepy babies and sleepy babies are the best!  If we’re breaking a sweat, that temp is just right for your sweet little newbie.

  – Please try to keep baby awake as long as possible prior to our session.  And if possible, try to time feedings to around my arrival.  A warm and FULL baby is the secret to squishy sleepy baby photographs.

 – I like to get a mix of posed newborn shots and lifestyle newborn shots so this may mean you are sharing the spotlight with your new babe.  Don’t worry…your new mom glow is the most beautiful thing in the world, second only to that bundle of joy.  However, I do suggest a little powder, blush, and just a touch of tinted lip balm to hide those all nighters you’ve started pulling.


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