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March 2018


Enchanted Forest- Lehigh Valley Child Photographer

I had a vision.   In my mind’s eye, I saw a beautiful woodland princess…wandering in an enchanted forest.   I saw warm light falling through bare branches and illuminating this princess in a golden aura of wonderment.

Then, it snowed.

And a new vision was born and it was even more enchanting.

This isn’t the first time the snow has thwarted a magical and mystical scene I had imagined.   It seems as though winter, as much as I try to escape it, is always trying to woo me.  Like a persistent would be suitor.   Charming, unexpected, and a little dangerous.

My princess arrived full of excitement and wonder.  Just as I had pictured.  She was absolutely amazing. It was so incredibly cold to me, but aside from the flush of her rosy cheeks, she didn’t seem to be phased at all by the brisk air.   She frolicked and twirled and tossed snow in the air as though it was fine glitter raining back down on her.   And that’s when the true story came alive.   A sweet child discovering the magic in the woods around her.