Where There is Love~ NJ Family Photographer

It seems like I’ve been gone awhile since my last post, but nothing could be farther from the truth!  I’m so excited to share all of the amazing babies, families, and bellies that I’ve been honored to capture over the last few months, starting with this one!!

Leslie and I have been best friends for over a decade.  We have experienced each other’s highest and lowest moments and I can honestly say this…this is the happiest I have ever seen her.  She and her family are absolutely incredible and I consider them my family as well.  I will always be Aunt Astin to her babies. 🙂

On a recent trip back home, we got together to get some updated family photos of her, her husband, and their 2 beautiful children.   You can feel the love flowing off of this screen when you see the way they look at each other.

DSC_6301 DSC_6359 DSC_6412 DSC_6413 DSC_6438


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