Welcome Baby C!~ NJ Portrait Photographer, Newborn

Remember our prompt little sprout from this session?

Well, here he is…in all his sweet newborn glory.

This little fella decided on his due date that it was time to come out.  He was born a bit after midnight, so not quite on his due date, but close enough to make that maternity session feel like it just happened yesterd….oh. Wait…  ;-P

He was about 11 days old at this session and, omg, the sweetest.  I still get a little surprised when I pick up a newborn baby. I expect them to weight 25lbs, like my toddler.  This little peanut clocked in near 7lbs and felt like a featherweight.   He was such a joy to work with and didn’t seem to be too bothered by our constant folding and rearranging and rewrapping.   Which is fortunate, because we did it… a LOT.   🙂

DSC_2644DSC_2872DSC_2845wmDSC_2839DSC_2809DSC_2731DSC_2726DSC_2716DSC_2678DSC_2655bw DSC_2634 DSC_2600 DSC_2594bw DSC_2592


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