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March 2015


Welcome Baby C!- Randolph, NJ Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Remember our prompt little sprout from this session?

Well, here he is…in all his sweet newborn glory.

This little fella decided on his due date that it was time to come out.  He was born a bit after midnight, so not quite on his due date, but close enough to make that maternity session feel like it just happened yesterd….oh. Wait…  ;-P

He was about 11 days old at this session and, omg, the sweetest.  I still get a little surprised when I pick up a newborn baby. I expect them to weight 25lbs, like my toddler.  This little peanut clocked in near 7lbs and felt like a featherweight.   He was such a joy to work with and didn’t seem to be too bothered by our constant folding and rearranging and rewrapping.   Which is fortunate, because we did it… a LOT.   🙂

Welcome Baby C!- Randolph, NJ Lifestyle Newborn PhotographerDSC_2872DSC_2845wmDSC_2839Welcome Baby C!- Randolph, NJ Lifestyle Newborn PhotographerDSC_2731DSC_2716Welcome Baby C!- Randolph, NJ Lifestyle Newborn PhotographerWelcome Baby C!- Randolph, NJ Lifestyle Newborn Photographer DSC_2634 Welcome Baby C!- Randolph, NJ Lifestyle Newborn Photographer DSC_2594bw DSC_2592


Just in Time – Randolph, NJ Maternity Photographer

Meet my friend Kiera.   She is one of the first people I got to know when I moved to NJ.  She has a little boy that is my son’s age and those two are best friends as well.   When she announced that she was expecting #2, I couldn’t WAIT to get pictures of her beautiful growing belly.   But, as luck would have it, she was due at the end of January…which as you know is smack dab in the middle of snow season here.   Every weekend that we tried to get these photos done, a blizzard or an ice storm would hit.  We just couldn’t catch a break!!!

Until 39 weeks and 5 days.

Surely that wasn’t cutting it TOO close, right?  Babies don’t come on their due date ever, right???

But, this one did.  Luckily, we were able to do this just in the nick of time.

Just in Time - Randolph, NJ Maternity Photographer  DSC_2487 DSC_2489 DSC_2514 DSC_2530bw DSC_2543 DSC_2551 DSC_2563 DSC_2568


Full Bloom~ North NJ Portrait Photographer, Maternity

So, it’s been awhile since I’ve been able to post a new session.  I’ve been tied up with some other projects and dealing with LOTS of technical difficulties.   Hopefully, we’re now on the road to productivity. 😉

This is my Sister in Law and Brother in Law.  They actually welcomed their sweet boy in December, so this is obviously very late.  It really broke my heart for this session to be so long in the making, since it’s my very own FAMILY but it’s done now and I’m so excited to share it with you guys!!

DSC_2296 DSC_2305WM DSC_2307WM DSC_2311WM DSC_2313WM DSC_2315WM DSC_2322WM DSC_2344WM DSC_2349WM DSC_2354WM DSC_2356WM