6 Months of Adorable- NJ Child Photographer

Remember that precious little songbird newborn from the other day?   Well, 6 months ago (if you’re doing your math, this means that she is now almost a YEAR old!) we got together for a fun little half birthday shoot.   It was so amazing to see just how much she had grown in half a year.  She was full of those fanTASTIC gummy smiles and laughs.

And, we were able to sneak in a shot of her and big brother, which we missed out on at her Newborn session.    One of the greatest things about this age is their obsession with their feet.   But, who could blame them, afterall?  Baby feet are THE best. Ever. Period. Infinity.



In the Jungle- NJ Child Photographer

Oh how I love a good cake smash session!!!  This little guy is a regular here at ABP now.  I’ve been taking pictures of him since he was in his mama’s belly!   For his first birthday, we got together for a fun jungle themed cake smash session.

He had too much fun eating the the cake and smearing icing on himself.   But, when it came time for cleanup, he wasn’t nearly as thrilled.   Thankfully, he settled in for a quick scrub-a-dub and enjoyed the spa.



You Can Call Me A Flower…If you want, NJ Newborn Photographer

When my good friend, Michelle, found out she was pregnant, she decided to wait until the baby was born to find out the sex.   She had 2 awesome little dudes at home, so she was bound to win regardless of whether she added a 3rd mama’s boy or the lone little girl.

After a long and brave trial of labor, she delivered her beautiful daughter, Daisy and forever changed her world.   She was wide awake and so interested in the world around her when I arrived and she made me work for every shot.  But, it was so worth it.  Here she is.



She Rings Like a Bell Through the Night- NJ Newborn Photographer

This session was so long awaited.   A beautiful girl with a beautiful name born to a beautiful mom with a beautiful voice.   Rhiannon’s musical legacy is woven into her DNA like threads of silk.   Her mama is a violinist and singer AND a music teacher so of course we had to add a little of that lifestyle into this session.

She was an absolute DREAM to photograph.  She settled in quickly and drifted into a deep sleep and didn’t even flinch for the many position and set changes.  But, these images are my favorite, of course.  Her pure loveliness captured timelessly.


Spitfire- NJ Child Photographer

You would never believe that this adorable chunk came into this world barely weighing 6lbs.  When I first met Baby O, he was so tiny and appeared so fragile.  But, he’s as hardy as they come these days and such a heartbreaker.  I am in love with that amazing red hair and ocean blue eyes.  I could eat him up.

In honor of his first birthday, we let HIM eat it up.  Cake, that is!   But not before we got some shots of him rocking the cutest little bow tie.   And, of course, it wouldn’t be a cake smash without a little splash time afterwards!




Simply Beautiful – NJ Newborn Photographer

A lovely friend of mine welcomed her fourth beautiful baby girl a couple of months ago.  Being that she had 3 amazing little girls already, I knew this one would be absolutely stunning as well.  She needed no special adornments or props.  Her simple and pure beauty inspired me to photograph her in the most natural way possible and I love how she takes center stage in these photographs.

  Many happy blessings to this incredible family.



The Greatest Love- NJ Family Photographer

One of the greatest joys in life is being a mother.  And being the mother to boys carries it’s own special piece of heaven.  The bond that ties a mother and her sons to one another is fierce and heart-wrenching.

It was such a joy to watch my friend, Kiera, and her two boys interact and love on each other at this unique Mommy and Me session.  They were very much all wrapped up in her love.